Charlton College International Student Program


Charlton College is an accredited secondary school for international students. The College is currently accredited till June 2016. The College is seeking expressions of interest from families that are interested in being a host family for the duration of the students stay.

The homestay experience is an excellent way for students to improve their English, learn more about Australian culture and make the most of their international education experience. Homestay accommodation is to be of high quality and provide a safe, comfortable and caring environment.

Homestay is full board accommodation offered by a family, couple or single person for which a set, weekly fee is charged. This fee covers expenses associated with hosting an international student but is not intended as a source of income.

The preferred homestay arrangement is where students are compatible and are not from the same language background.

Homestay host parents and third parties must reside in the same residence as the students.


Homestay services include provision of:

• A single bedroom for the student’s exclusive use

• Three meals a day, seven days a week

• Facilities including a bed, wardrobe, towels and linen

• Gas, electricity, heating and water

• Cleaning services of common living areas

• Use of living areas within residence

• Study facilities, including a desk, study light and bookcase


Host families are encouraged to assist the student’s cultural adjustment and support their community and social integration. Australian families with children attending the same school provide an opportunity for the student to develop social relationships and shared experiences that strengthen the homestay relationships and valued cultural experience.


For further information about the homestay program contact the Principal, Kelvin Baird, at the College.

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