Flexible Learning Options (FLO)

​The North Central Principal’s Network FLO program is primarily designed for students (15 – 19yrs) to develop skills that will enhance their capacity re-engage with education and training opportunities and to support the development of employability skills.  

The program supports students who may not be currently engaged in school or experiencing challenges to maintain school engagement to; 
  • make positive  choices
  • view themselves as learners 
  • participate meaningfully in community
  • gain support and connections with peers
  • develop self-reliance and build on skills that engage and support them for future learning and employment opportunities .  

The North Central LLEN (NCLLEN) is an integral part of the FLO program.  The NCLLEN houses the FLO Coordinators and offers the program much needed financial support enabling a breadth of transport options for students to access the program.

The Buloke Loddon L2P program is another important part of the FLO program working to support many participants to gain their Learner Driver Permit, improving access to the program itself and future employment and training opportunities in rural communities with no public transport options. 

The FLO program is managed by Charlton College, working closely with schools across the region and is available to students living in Buloke, Northern Grampians (St Arnaud only) and Loddon Shires.

Students in the program are provided with individual learning plans, accredited learning opportunities, pathways planning and access to health and well-being support. 

The FLO program engages young people in a holistic manner and wherever possible works to ensure families and carers are part of the process of supporting young people in their learning and training. 

If you or someone you know would like to chat about joining our program please contact Tanya Watts on 0407 264 651 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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