Driver Ed (Chartsec)


Charlton Traffic Safety Education Centre


new car2016

 2016 - New car from the Charlton Community Bank


- The track is 1 km, 700m sealed and the rest gravel. It features operating traffic lights, pedestrian crossing, hill crest, roundabout and parking bays.

- 4 vehicles are used for the program, 2 are manual sedans and 2 are automatic.


 The complex offers a variety of programs:

 •1 day short course

 2 day program

 3 or 4 day program

 Night driving programs are part of the course if desired.


 - The core program is targeted at Year 10 students, most who are pre learner drivers (L’s)

- The other main program caters for VCAL students, most who have their L’s.


From 2002 through to 2014 between 700 to 1000 students each year undertook pre-driver training at Charlton.

  Traffic Lights at CHARTSEC



In-car skills:

- Depending on the length of the program the following skills can be covered:

- Cabin Drill, moving off, Steering, Braking

- Road position, Left and right turn, gear change, observation

- U Turn, Reversing

- Convoy Drive, Gear Change, Roundabout

- Angle park and hill start

- Overtaking, cornering lines, gear change

- Parallel park and 3 point turn

- Night Driving and negotiating traffic lights

- For programs of 2 or more days a practical test can be included


 driverofyear2016 s

2016 - Students from Cluster at the Driver of the Year competition at METEC in Melbourne


Theory sessions

There is now a big emphasis on attitudes to driving in the theory component.

Depending on the length of the program the following theory can be covered:

- Road toll statistics

- Steering and system of car control

- Traffic rules and regulations and signs

- Lane positioning, U turns and 3 point turns

- Observation and planning, highway and freeway driving

- Overtaking and cornering

- Alcohol and drugs

- Night driving

- For programs of 2 or more days a theory test ( similar to the L’s theory test ) can be included.


new tv2016 s

2016 - New TV from Skeeta Grimshaw motorcycle Club


Other Programs Offered By CHARTSEC 

- Driving programs for adult migrants new to the country.

- Individual driving programs through Employment agencies.

- L to P's - privisions of professional lessions and housing of the LtoP car at CHARTSEC.






Download: Driver Ed Brochure for 2017


Download: Prices for 2017





Contact Details:

Manager: Mr John Harley  

Phone: 03 5491 1593

Mobile: 0418 529 718

Fax: 03 5491 1589

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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